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Lithium Carbonate Mining Enterprise 


“The mission of Solomon Ventures Inc is to provide the global market an innovative American solution to the high demand for Lithium carbonate which government mandates require lithium for green initiatives & public incentives in solar,  wind energy storage and electric vehicle productions for net zero emissions goals.  We seek to be an American supplier amid mines that are increasingly run by the Chinese.” – V.M.M.

Martin Vincent, Veronica Monger and Martin Sanchez as founders of Solomon Ventures, Inc (“LitAR -1 Mine” or the “Corporation”), are introducing you to the supply -demand imbalance of the commodity Lithium.  There is currently a huge demand in the global market for lithium.  The EV Car Revolution, advanced electronics, solar energy storage and automation has accelerated the need for more lithium.    

Lithium deposits are not uncommon in the US, but refining resources are limited and lithium is typically in clays that require additional processing to mine. The top producing countries of lithium are Australia, Chile, Argentina and China. In Argentina and Chile, the lithium deposits are at the surface and in salt brine form. There are three types of lithium brine deposits: continental, geothermal and oil fields. 

The most common are continental saline desert basins (also known as salt lakes, salt flats or salars). They are located in areas with geothermal activity and are made up of sand, minerals with brine and saline water with a high concentration of dissolved salts.

About 66 percent of global lithium resources are found in the salt flats of Chile, Argentina, China. Argentina has been ranked with the 2nd largest reserves of lithium in the world and the third largest producer of lithium.

The two founders of this corporation are US citizens with dual citizenship from Argentina and the third was born in the Western US and is dedicated to helping address the current demand for lithium to the market. The mine is in the province of Catamarca. The founders are bringing forth this opportunity in the “Lithium Triangle Region” of Argentina.    

Market Analysis:

The lithium is used to make EV car batteries, for current brands of cars such as, Tesla, Ford, Toyota, and GM.  EV’s from all the major manufactures are on backorder. Elon Musk, the richest person in the world in 2022 by Forbes Magazine mentioned looking at new sources of lithium and even mining it for Tesla.  Elon Musk has even tweeted out his company’s need for Tesla to obtain lithium.

Worldwide demand for lithium was about 350,000 tons (317,517 metric tons) in 2020, but industry estimates project demand will be up to six times greater by 2030.

Competitive advantage

The founders and Secretary of Solomon Ventures Inc. sought out a mine in the South American Lithium Triangle and discovered a mine where the lithium carbonate is only 4 1/2 – 6 ft down in the ground. Outside of Reno, Nevada the lithium is much more deep in the ground making extraction much more expensive and the water table is not plentiful.  In addition, there are year round protesters and permit restrictions in the deserts of Nevada.

Solomon Ventures Inc. and  Board of Directors control the Argentinian lithium mine mineral rights or concession free and clear. The corporation has the title of ownership, extraction and mineral rights.

Solomon Ventures Inc. has secured a new technology or trade secret to extract lithium and get it ready for the market in one year instead of the normal 2 years for extraction.

Backstory of Founders

Dual citizenship from the Martins is established.  Each has established relationships with engineers and the government of Argentina.  Martin Vincent’s law professors have permanent positions with the national congress. Both Martins know how to operate in Argentina and still have close familial ties in the region.  Martin Sanchez and his father had established connections in the Lithium Triangle  over 30 years ago while exploring Salar de Hombre de Muerto.  The father and son Sanchez established an expedition team to explore a gold claim of the Sanchez family.   The Sanchez family has owned a ranch for over 50 years in the province of Catamarcha.  FMC Lithium Corp., now Livent has been operating the concessions of lithium in the region Catamarcha and Salta provinces for over 30 years.  The ties within mining were established long ago and remain still today for the Sanchez family.

Meanwhile, Veronica Monger, stock trader and designer, had been conducting market research and discovered the market’s demand for Lithium and Argentina holds the world’s 2nd largest reserves.  Veronica motivated Martin Vincent to explore the opportunities in his home country, Argentina.  The two Martins have known each other for six years and connected through the film industry finance and spoke about the Lithium opportunity.  Martin Sanchez investigated further, to discover the LitAR-1 concession and Martin Vincent tied up the concession with our Board members, an Argentinian attorney and geologist.  Martin Vincent used his existing corporation for start-ups and we provide this opportunity to you today.    There is a trade secret / patent pending for technology to dry the lithium carbonate at a faster rate than the 12-18 months, of which the estimated time is shortened to 3 months approximately.  Martin Vincent, a serial entrepreneur has filed patent applications before and also taken a company public to trade on the OTC (over the counter)  market.  His background is international law,  software development and fundraising.  Martin Sanchez has been in the oil, gas and mining industry for 30 years.

Currently both Martins are partnered together with Veronica and have tied up LitAR – 1 mine of 8,600 acres and another two concessions in Argentina – one for 1,200 acres and another for 3,500 acres.  LitAR -1 is being focused on for this round of funding. A total of 13,300 acres in Solomon Ventures Inc.’s Business Plan for concessions and mining, and patent pending technology to license to other lithium mining operations.

Goal Funding

The goal of the corporation is to raise $5 -$20 million from private investors, selling stock via PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) for the first round of capitalization.  

The PPM is the means to sell the stock in a private corporation registered & regulated by the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission). The PPM and Business Plan informs the Investors of the capital expenditures and allocations, funding the mine, its operations and salaries.  

The LitAR-1 Mine has the potential to contain an estimated 50,000 Tons of Lithium carbonate per year, based on the early studies conducted by the claim holders, geologists and adjacent sales of Lithium tons in the region. A further study is required, but based on early estimates, this could signify several billion US dollars worth of Lithium Carbonate at the mine at the current market valuation, future valuation for lithium based on historical data shows demand steadily increasing.  Solomon Ventures Inc. has an existing order for 250,000 tons of lithium from a company based in Nashville. 

The goal with the first $5 million is to obtain 43-101 surveys to authenticate and prove the reserves of LitAR-1 mine.  These in depth surveys are costly and take at least 4 months to complete.  In addition, Solomon Ventures will be working on integrating the trade secret / patent pending technology to dry lithium at a faster rate of 5x. Instead of the rate of taking 12-18 months it is expected to take less than 4 months to dry.

The goal with the first $5 million is take the company public  either on OTC (over the counter) or on the  NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and raise another $100 million to extract the best value of the prospect and provide high shareholder value in the Lithium market with ever increasing demand from the worldwide eco friendly EV market, ceramics, lubricants, batteries and more.  This is a similar trajectory of an American mine, which started on the Canadian OTC, (Over the counter) exchange.  The NYSE requires a market capitalization of a company listed to be at $3 million among other regulations. 

  Past success track record 

Martin Vincent with IsolutionsPro Marketing agency took the company Growlife public in 2013 with the stock symbol is PHOT.  It took 3 months to submit a certificate of accounting and to be approved by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).  Growlife patented a vertical hydroponic marijuana growing system.  The efforts of Martin Vincent’s IsolutionsPro Marketing Agency enabled the ticker PHOT to sell 80 million dollars in the PHOT stock to buyers in the stock market, OTC (over the counter).

Martin Vincent has experience in online marketing and worked in the past for corporations such as UBS Bank, Dell Inc, Facebook Inc, Participant Media Inc and iSolutionsPro Inc. a Marketing agency.

Martin Sanchez has over thirty years experience in oil, gas and mining for international corporations.

Veronica Monger is the reason this funding deal is being read by you. Lithium demand for the surging  EV Revolution.  She holds a Masters degree in Interior Architecture & Design and Bachelors in Anthropology and Marketing.   Lithium demand and Solutions to fuel the Green Initiatives for a more sustainable living have been front and center of International government policy, such as the Paris Accord, the Inflation Reduction Act, California Air Resources Board’s initiatives to decrease greenhouse gasses. Government regulations are knocking at the front door, our EV Markets and green buildings need a steady supply of the “new white gold.” 

Funding Request

Solomon Ventures Inc. seeks a series A Investment of $20,000,000 for exploration, reserve proving, and to fund prototypes for the trade secret with patent pending for the process of drying lithium at an estimated 5 times faster rate than the traditional method and start producing lithium sodium carbonate.  


After the 43-101 is completed and demonstrates a comprehensive report proving lithium reserves the Company will seek an exit with an acceptable evaluation. Once the Company accomplishes the 43-101 survey the Company valuation will improve drastically.  

In exchange for capital, an investor agreement is formed called SAFE, (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) and provides rights to the investor, future equity at a triggering event –  determined at the time of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of the stock or positive dividends to pay to the stockholder or the Company chooses to be sold at fair market price. Valuation of the stock as an OTC (over the counter) or on the New York Stock Exchange.  

 Once the Company accomplishes the 43-101 survey the Company valuation will improve drastically.  

An average of 86 samples is required for a complete 43-101,  an average of 60 samples every 1,000 acres.

Capital Allocations

Stage 1: This capital allocation follows:

  • $400,800:  Expedition of geologists and scientists to conduct an in depth geological study of the claim and develop a 43-101 report.  The 43-101 will comprise of well log analysis and core samples throughout the property.  Survey and recommend the best location to start the extraction and concentration of the lithium brine.  Purchase and/or rent and /or contract out initial equipment for mine exploration and analysis activities.
  •  $500,000:   for salaries of the corporation’s top executives and consultants, geologists, scientists and related personnel travel expenses 
  • Sales of Lithium Futures Contracts Focused on EV Companies

Stage 2:

  • $1.488,000 for 8,600 + acres.  Exploration to complete the extensive 43-101 certificate 
  • Appraisal (data collection and sampling). 

Stage 3- Round of Funding from Private or Institutional Investors and from Stock Exchange

  • Solomon Ventures Inc to complete prototypes and components from Asia will need to be purchased to assemble the new technology.
  • Take Solomon Ventures Inc mining of LitA public on the NYSE. – under the ticker symbol – LITA.
  • LITA projections based upon LAC (Lithium Americas Corp.) comp to have a trajectory similar to its counterpart.
  •  $1,500,000:  will  be  primarily  devoted  to aggressive  online pay per click, youtube, google, Facebook, NYTimes, and Financial press advertising campaigns to sell shares to institutional and retail traders.
  • $1,000,000: Extraction of the initial batches of lithium and export for existing purchase order of 250,000 tons of Lithium to Nashville Company. 
  • Partner with experienced and qualified mining contractors for lithium carbonate extraction.
  • Solidify contracts with local Argentine and national transport companies.

Stage 4 

  •  5,000.000 amount of capital implementation of new technology to extract lithium on large scale at a faster rate instead of 1.5 years to dry the mineral it is estimated the lithium will dry within 3 months.
  • Third round of funding for Expansion of Solomon Ventures Inc. for additional concessions (mineral rights) – 
  •  Buy equipment for this new technology to supply the surging market demand.
  • Sales of contracts for the purchase of lithium.

Stage 5 – (Dollar Amount To be Determined for Expansion to Scale Solomon Ventures Inc to Scale Faster) 

  •  Work with logistic partners to transport the Lithium Carbonate to companies abroad.
  • Acquire additional concessions in Argentina for the extraction of Lithium Carbonate for global demand.
  • Continue extraction of lithium operations

*Contingency of 10%


Solomon Ventures Inc. is raising funds for the “New White Gold” in Argentina for international sales.  Solomon Ventures Inc. offers:

Convertible Debt Option

  • Convertible debt equity loan at the valuation we open in the market or institutional  capital to investment.
  • Private placement memorandum vested stock in a percent of the company base in valuation agreement 

Convertible Note Debt Option

In the case of a convertible debt note 15 percent interest per year based upon the investment.  If Solomon Ventures Inc. fails to pay debt or interest, on the note, it will become debt or shares of the Company at the current valuation, as with any convertible debt.

PPM Equity Option 

The calculation of a $10 million investment with 5%  vested interest in the case of a PPM investment the investor will receive prefered stocks.  When the company has income from stocks and sales dividends will be paid for the amount of the vested equity then become preferred stock.  

The current calculated valuation of  LitrAR 1 Mine to be approximately $200 million, based upon the current worst-case scenario of lithium reserves from core samples and well reports.  

Based upon the best-case scenario of the LitAR-1 Mine, the current valuation is estimated at $962 million or more, nearly $1 billion, as the LitAR mine has more acres than recent comps of the area. 

The projections for the lithium as demand is higher than supply are these valuations will continually increase year after year, quarter after quarter.     

* Estimated Financial Projections in Percentages of Comps in the Immediate Vicinity and based upon the Current Price of Lithium per Ton.

Solomon Ventures Inc. Estimate ROI 

Timeline(Years) 1 10 15
Valuation  $200M $962 M $3Billion  $13 Billion 
Investment Return (ROI) Return (ROI) Return (ROI) Return (ROI)
$200,000 $400,000 $1.9 M $3M $130 M
$10 M $20 M $96.2 M $300M $ 1300 M
Percent ROI 2 x 9.6 x 30 x 130 x
NOTES Bonus as First Investor Incentive – Only First Year if the Corp. Exits Year 1  (approx without 43-101 survey) If the Mine is Sold with a Complete 43-101 Survey Worst Case Scenario Dividends Paid     Best Case     Scenario     Dividends Paid

ROI “Return on Investment”

In case of early sale for an estimated value of $962 million, based upon comps of mines in the immediate vicinity in dollars. 

For example the return on a $10 million investment will be $50 million, if the investor stays long term, depending on the lithium reserves in LitAR -1 mine will be approximately $1 billion dollars return in the next 15 years.

* First Round Investment Incentive  – If for any reason the Corporation exits year one for approximately $200 Million the investors of the first round will double the return, for example if you own 5 percent the investor will receive 10 percent upto $10 Million.

* This calculation is based upon the local sales comparisons for adjacent lithium mining operations and lithium reserves authenticated by 43-101 surveys for commissions (mineral rights) of sales to Chinese companies and other international mining operations. 

* Calculation based upon Chinese comp and Reserves from 30,000 tons x $78,000 per ton (2022 prices) = $2.3 Billion Dollars Gross Revenue

Bloomberg states in China Lithium Giant Expands in Argentina With $962 Million Deal, by Annie Lee July 11, 2022 

“Lithium, a key ingredient for electric-car batteries, gained nearly 500% in price in the past year, boosting revenue for producers. According to BloombergNEF, prices will still stay elevated in a tight market this year…..Its first phase of production is expected to have annual capacity of 30,000 tons of lithium carbonate.”*

Current Market Demands and International Regulations for Zero Emissions

The World’s 7th Largest Economy – California is Leading Market Demand for Lithium 

Governor Gavin Newson’s proposed clean air initiative puts into motion high lithium demand on the future market with an executive order signed in 2020 that  35% of new cars sold must be zero- emission starting in 2026.  That order increases to 68% in 2030  and all cars  sold 100% in 2035 must be zero emission.   

“In 2021, available lithium production reached 499 kt LCE, but unparalleled demand of 302 kt LCE from sales of EVs increased by more than 100%. This moved the market into a deficit, and we saw the price of lithium increase by more than 437% from the start of the year.”  –

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

 The Act was passed by the Senate and signed into law by President Biden in its goals are  “accelerating innovation by directing the scientific and technical expertise of America’s researchers, businesses, and workers toward achieving breakthroughs in clean energy and climate technologies; and accelerating innovation by directing the scientific and technical expertise of America’s researchers, businesses, and workers toward achieving breakthroughs in clean energy and climate technologies.” -The White House

The future is fast approaching.  Be a part of the Lithium solution for the hungry market.  Supply chain issues will be a part of the equation in the years to come.  Let us supply the market with what the market demands.  Let us be part of the solution in the years to come.  Governments will regulate what citizens drive.  Our lives will be impacted whether we like it or not.  Let us choose to make a profit with the ever changing tides. Let us make positive change for our generation and future generations on earth for cleaner air.

                                            For additional information, please contact:

Veronica Monger – COO & Martin Vincent – Director of Technology

Brought to You by, Solomon Ventures Inc.

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