OFFICEHOMES™ is a Franchise of Work/Live Housing geared for independent professionals and Entrepreneurs seeking to build community and strengthen their identity within a community of likeminded

Officehomes™ provides enterprise scale technology, systems and aggregates

PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, INFORMATION, SERVICE & SPACE to increase the chances of success and
to deliver a higher ROI to sponsors, developers and investors. Introduction to Officehomes(tm) : a platform to provide independent professionals and
corporate refugee’s access to enterprise technology systems and to foster communities of likeminded

An Officehomes™ development can assist investors, developers, institutions and governments
with under performing assets to un-tap hidden value and create new revenue streams,
increasing the ROI in re-developments and maximize returns on investments in a variety of

The Medical community who is utilizing the platform to provide efficient and controlled access to medical research and cost-effective work-live housing solutions to doctors, nurses and radiologists who provide both patient care and clinical research at destination healthcare centers
and centers of excellence in various nations around the globe.

The Financial industry is using the Officehomes™ platform to increase the returns in economic development zones by providing workforce housing to foster the growth of the service industries
and investment boutiques to accelerate the identification of niche market investment opportunities while retaining management control and regulatory oversight.

The Retail industry can utilize the Officehomes™ platform to develop solutions for the various national vendors and mobile workforces that service national chains and regional areas. These
national tenants require sales managers and service personnel who can benefit from the comforts of a home-office and the technology of a tele-conferencing center, while creating newstreams of revenue for the retail owners.

Designed for People

We assist architects/developers, institutions and municipalities to develop designs that are inspiring and efficient and effective experiences for customers, clients, guests, employees, patients and residents.
Global Appeal Our platform provides universal applications utilizing evidence based design, best practices and environmentally consciences solutions which are selected based on strategy and analysis.

Experience Providers

We are experience providers that develop solutions through the aggregation of people products information, service and space, to guide design solutions that amplify the core values of acommunity, organization or concept that occupies an Officehomes™ development.

Our Business Model

We buy wholesale real estate, trade space for information and create efficiencies not found elsewhere.

For Architects and developers, we provide owner’s representation, due diligence
services and design management.

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