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Our consultants bring several decades of experience in delivering stellar digital technology business services for leading companies worldwide.

Whether you want to customize your website further or develop a mobile app to attract more customers, the iSolutionsPro professionals will transform your infrastructure with the solutions to help you achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

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Some examples

Facebook app

Facebook Game Development – CompuLabUSA Social Network Gaming!
What is Facebook Game Development? Do you want to develop some killer games for Facebook and don’t know how to go about it? CompuLabUSA provides answers for your Facebook game development requirements. If you go by the Facebook Developer Engineers, than social networking games are here to stay for as long as gamers love to play with real identities in the real world.
With a deep understanding of the social network gaming, Facebook programming and ability to develop Facebook Apps to make social interaction fun, CompuLabUSA provides Facebook Development and helps you develop Mobile Apps that move beyond any set of norms or demographic limitations.
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Facebook Development – Most Popular Media of Social Interaction!

Send a mystery bag of fatal weapons to your boss, or a Valentine’s gift to your wife in your favorite Facebook games that you play. With more and more players enjoying competition with their real life friends and colleagues that social networking experts call the involvement of ‘social emotions’,

For Facebook Developers who use Facebook Programming for Facebook Flash games, there is no more a limitation to specific devices as people love to connect and games are slowly becoming multi-platform.



CompuLabUSA  has been working in the field of custom Web software development since 2001. Our expert tech team has taken part in hundreds of Web and mobile application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy Web software solution to complement your most complicated business ideas.

Application Services

  • Application Development
    Custom application development tailored to the client’s specific business requirements. We deliver rich internet applications combining our solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology.
  • Application Migration and Porting
    Our migration services include porting applications to a new technology platform, database and server porting, data migration, standalone-to-web migration of legacy applications.
  • Application Reengineering and Enhancement
    We provide reverse engineering of existing systems to understand their business functionality and technical architecture and introduce new/enhanced business logic and improved performance.
  • Application Audit and Testing
    Independent software audit and testing of your web application including code reviews, functionality-to-requirements verification, GUI usability and HTML standards compliance testing and performance/security/stability testing.
  • Application Maintenance
    Our web application maintenance and support services are aimed at ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system. The services include problems analysis, resolution and application enhancement

All great companies face challenges.

Many times, the difference between failure and success is dependent upon finding the right business consulting firm. 
A strong consulting firm identifies necessary corporate changes within your field. At iSolutionsPRO, we incorporate financial and strategic business technology to help your company implement changes. With more than a decade of specialized business knowledge and leading industry-specific expertise, our consultants at iSolutionsPRO can pinpoint the answers that have the most impact for your business.

Our consultants pride themselves on their ability to implement innovative technology solutions that will deliver a rapid return on your investment, as well as tangible long-term benefits.

Our Process:

Our unprecedented iSolutionsPRO ‘research team’ conducts extensive research programs in order to determine the main components of your high-performance business; a summary will provide a strategic plan for ultimate success. Our findings will include how high performers balance current needs and future opportunities, that will consistently out-perform peers in revenue growth of your company.  Our business is to create new and profitable innovations for your business. We at CompuLabUSA will provide every piece of the puzzle to create the best business plan and strategies for your business.

Our executive consulting and training services are designed to align to any segment in the execution of your business strategy.

We can help you

Do you have any new business ideas? Bring it to us. We can help you to build your company from the ground up. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals can give you all the advice you need.

If you have a project going, but need an extra hand, our coders will be pleased to help you. You give us the design, we do the coding.

Maybe you just need to make your project look nice. Don’t worry. We have a full team of designers to match your idea with reality. Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Tendency Experts, Creative Teams, etc. All you need to make your project be wonderful.

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